The Best Amigurumi Goose Crochet Patterns

We have found fabulous Amigurumi goose Crochet ideas that we know you are going to love. Make it for yourself, your children, grandchildren or animal-loving friends.Review all the carefully selected ideas, and don’t forget to pin your favourites.
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Crochet Easter Goose set Pattern

Level of difficulty: Beginner.
The finished product using the materials described in this pattern is 9 inches / 23 cm tall.

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Crochet Pattern King Goose

Skill level – easy/beginners.
The size of finished toy is approx. 21 cm = 8,3″.

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Amigurumi Goose Free Crochet Pattern

With this free crochet pattern you learn how to make a cute goose. Is not as difficult as it may seem.

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Goose Crochet Pattern

This pattern contains written instructions for the goose and him clothes (Beret, scarf and bow)
Difficulty level: medium.
The size of a ready toy is about 24 cm (9.4 in) tall.

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Geese Crochet Pattern “3 in 1”

Enjoy making this toys!
Skill level: medium
Size approx: 12.5 cm

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Amigurumi Goose Crochet Pattern

This is a digital pattern in English crochet a goose toy and crochet and knit clothes in pdf format. Intermediate level.
With this pattern you can crochet such a cute goose, about 23-25cm

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Amigurumi Goose Crochet Free Pattern

A free crochet pattern to create a 18 inch (45 cm) amigurumi plush toy goose. The beack, neck, head and body of the crochet plush goose are made as a one piece.

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Crochet Pattern Funny Goose in the Cap

This crochet pattern will help you to make amigurumi cute crocheted funny goose.
Level: Medium

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Crochet Goose Martha and Goose Hans

This item contains two patterns: a girl’s goose and a boy’s goose!
Suitable for those with beginner.
Finished toys using the materials specified in this pattern are ~ 6.7 in / 17 cm high.

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Goose Amigurumi Crochet Free Pattern

Suitable for beginners. With its small size, it can be used as an amigurumi crochet keychain. Its size is around 5cm when finished.

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Goose with Hat and Scarf Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

Ideal gift idea for mom and grandma, young and advised crocheter, or beginner on any special occasion! Size of the finished toy is about (20 cm).

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Crochet Pattern Vincent the Goose

Meet Vincent the Goose.
Get your hooks ready and add this cute goose to your cart right away!
Level: Middle, Size 23 сm

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