15 Adorable Amigurumi Mouse Patterns

If you haven’t mastered the basics, don’t worry. All these amigurumi mouse pattern tutorials have very thorough instructions with step-by-step pictures to help guide you through it! There are exactly 15 patterns, start browsing and pin the ones you like.

Venya the Mouse Amigurumi Free Pattern

Height: 12 cm (4.7”)
You can also use Alize Cotton Gold or YarnArt Jeans yarn and 2.0 mm crochet hook.

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via Julia Matyushina (@jm_crotoys), amigurumi.space

Crochet Pattern of Mochi the Mouse Amigurumi

Approximate size: 7 cm tall / 2.8″ (depends on the yarn)
Difficulty level: Easy – Medium

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Baby Mouse Amigurumi Free Pattern

This doll is fairly simple to make as it uses simple crochet stitches and techniques. When this doll is made with the indicated yarn and hook size, it sits at approximately 5 inches/12.7cm high.

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via littlemuggles.com

Millie Mouse Amigurumi Pattern

This PDF pattern is suitable for beginners / intermediate crocheters, with a good understanding of basic amigurumi techniques. Finished size: 25cm (approx).

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Amigurumi Mouse Crochet Free Pattern

Follow this free amigurumi pattern to create a crochet toy mouse. The height of the finished mouse is about 17 cm (6.7″).

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via Darya Neustroeva (@darya_neustroeva), amigurum.com

Amigurumi Mouse Pattern

Remington the Mouse measures approximately 20cm (8 inches) tall when crocheted with 8 ply (US Light Worsted / UK DK) yarn and a 3mm crochet hook.

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via HelloYellowYarn, Etsy.com

Crochet Pattern Amigurumi Mouse

Mouse approximately 19 cm (7.4 inches), and 23 cm (9 inches) with ears when crocheted with plush yarn and a 4 mm crochet hook.

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via ElizToysStore, Etsy.com

Free Crochet Christmas Mouse

This sweet mouse is getting ready for Christmas and is all decked out with his scarf and Santa hat!
Approx. 2.5 inches wide by 4.75 inches tall (with hat – 6.25 inches tall)

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via amenagerieofstitchesblog.com

Amigurumi Crochet Mouse Pattern

This pattern will help you create a very cute mouse that will delight you and become a good, wonderful gift for your loved ones for any occasion.
The growth of the mouse is 25cm.

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via SvetaCrochetPattern, Etsy.com

Amigurumi Crochet Mouse

You must have basic crochet skills. Skill level – easy, for beginners. The toy will be of about 8,27 inches, if you use the same yarn.

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via PollytoysPatterns, Etsy.com

Amigurumi Santa Mouse Free Pattern

You can embellish the coat with two little buttons for a more boyish version. Or add a sweet snowflake button to the hat and blush the cheeks for a girlish Santa.

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via lilleliis.com

Filippo the Mouse Amigurumi Crochet Pattern

This crochet pattern contains a detailed description of how to create Filippo the mouse and a lot of step-by-step photos.
This pattern is for those who already have basic crochet skills!

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via ChiquiPork, Etsy.com

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Little Mouse

This PDF pattern is suitable for beginners / intermediate crocheters, with a good understanding of basic amigurumi techniques.

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via TokkiCrochet, Etsy.com

Amigurumi Mouse Free Crochet Pattern

A cute amigurumi mouse is crocheted from Baby Cotton GAZZAL yarn. For knitting, you will need white, blue, blue and green yarn. (Photo by Yana Dymskaya)

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via Laura Leonard (@lulaby_toys), alwaysfreeamigurumi.com

Amigurumi Crochet Pattern Mouse

The instructions are detailed and easy to follow if you know the basic stitches and techniques used to make amigurumi . A sample written using American terminology. This template is easy to follow step by step instructions (17 pages with detailed instructions, tips, 60 photos illustrating the process).

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